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Jessica Shepherd

certified Herbalist & Aromatherapist

Jessica Shepherd has been studying the healing arts and working with plant medicine since 2000.  She's a graduate of the Dandelion Herbal Center, is an Aromatherapist internationally certified through the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy as well as nationally certified through the Aromahead Institute.  Jessica has been blessed to study with acclaimed herbalists, aromatherapists and distillers from around the world and continues to regularly attend a wide variety of herbal conferences, classes and gatherings--she considers herself a devoted life-long student of the plants in both science and Spirit.  Jessica is also a passionate distiller of hydrosols and has completed over 200 hours of education in the field.


For over 20 years now she is honored to be a Community Herbalist at Humboldt Herbals a full-service herbal apothecary.  Jessica takes pride in "shepherding" people towards plant medicine to enhance overall mind/body wellness.  She is also now a co-director of the Dandelion Herbal Center where she facilitates in depth herbal education.  To learn more about her work with the DHC click here.

A deeply reverent yet wildly inspired award-winning medicine maker, Jessica loves creating bespoke botanical products for body, mind, and soul.  She is full of zeal and devotion when teaching others the art of aromatherapy and herbal therapeutics with heartfelt respect towards the plants--her greatest teachers of all.  Jessica is first and foremost a "Plant Lover" and is eternally grateful for the constant support they offer us as our sacred allies on all levels—she believes it is our utmost responsibility to practice gratitude through reciprocity. 

She is available for consultations, teaching workshops/classes, and would be delighted to create a bespoke botanical product or "intentional" distillation just for you. 


You can contact Jessica at:

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